John Howard Family

John HOWARD Born – about 1800 Virginia
Married – Rachel Stogdon/Stockton? About 1820 Virginia? Tennessee?
Died – after 1870 probably in Sanford Co Alabama as the family was living in the portion of Fayette Co that was taken to form what became Lamar Co by 1880
His Parents ?

Wife - Rachel Stogdon Born about 1790 Maryland
Died – after 1870 Sanford Co Alabama

Her Parents ?


1. Warnal Jackson Born about 1822 Lincoln Co Tennessee
Married – Malinda (SANDERS) Brewer January 11, 1844 probably in Fayette
Co Alabama
Died – around 1855 in Chickasaw Co Mississippi Possibly buried in Sparta,
Mississippi unmarked grave His date of death may be May 28, 1855
(This date came from John Fraiser but don’t know if he has proof )

2. Thomas G. Born about 1824 Lincoln Co Tennessee
Married 1st Sarah L Beasley 2nd Mary Weathers Smith
Died between 1870 and 1880 Lamar Co Alabama

3. William Riley Born about 1827 Lincoln Co Tennessee
Married Harriet Brewer about 1848 Fayette Co Alabama
Died after 1880 Chickasaw Co Mississippi

4. Serena A. Born about 1830 Lincoln Co Tennessee
Married Thomas Sisson by 1860 Fayette Co Alabama
She and her husband are on the 1870 Sanford Co Alabama Census.
They are on the 1880 Lamar Co Alabama Census but may have died before
1900. They are not on the Lamar Co Alabama census for 1900.

5. John A. Born about 1831 Lincoln Co Tennessee
Married possibly in Mississippi He doesn’t appear on the 1860 Fayette Co
Alabama census. There is a J. A. Howard on the 1860 Chickasaw Co
Mississippi census that was born in Tennessee. Possibly this is John A.

6. Nancy A. Born about 1833 Lincoln Co Tennessee
Married S. R. Kemp/Camp One census gives Camp, the other Kemp
Died possibly by 1870 Sanford Co Alabama

John and Rachel Howard are found on both 1850 and 1860 Fayette County Alabama census. However, the portion of Fayette County that they lived in was taken to form what eventually became Lamar County in 1880. This portion of Fayette County was named Sanford in 1870 and finally Lamar by 1880.

John and Rachel Howard are on the Sanford County Alabama census for 1870 with a granddaughter named Sarah Kemp age 16. Not finding Sarah’s parents, Nancy Howard Kemp/Camp or husband S. E. Kemp/Camp, I’m not sure they were alive then. It is possible Nancy’s husband had died and she remarried. The siblings of Sarah could have married as well and moved elsewhere too.

The youngest son of John and Rachel Howard, John A. Howard is seen only on the 1850 Fayette Co Alabama census. However, there is a J. A. Howard that is the right age to be this John on the 1860 Chickasaw County Mississippi census. He was born in Tennessee and most likely married in Mississippi to a woman born in Mississippi. They have three children age 5 and under. Unfortunately, with only initials for the first names, I can’t be sure this is truly John. My guess is that if this is John A. Howard and family, he either moved out of Mississippi or died in the Civil War. I cannot find a J. A. or John A. Howard in the 1870 Chickasaw County census. I’ve tried the Sanford County Alabama census 1870 and Fayette County Census 1870. No John A. or J. A. Howard.

Warnal Jackson Howard and family left Alabama for Mississippi at some point before 1860. The 1860 Fayette County Alabama census indicates that their last child, Finis A. Howard, was born in Mississippi about 1854. Malinda Sanders Brewer Howard and her five children move back to Fayette County Alabama after
Warnal’s death as they are on the 1860 Fayette County Alabama census living next door to her daughter, Matilda Brewer Beasley. William Riley Howard and his family left Alabama after the 1860 census was taken for Mississippi. This family is on the 1870 and 1880 Chickasaw County Mississippi census. William Riley Howard died sometime after the 1880 census was taken.

Thomas G. Howard, Serena Howard Sisson and Nancy Howard Kemp/Camp stayed in the part of Fayette County Alabama that eventually formed Lamar County Alabama. So far I can’t find any record of their death or burial. Nor can I find any record for John and Rachel Howard. At this point, I assume all died in Lamar County Alabama and may be buried in unmarked graves.

Submitted by Nancy Howard

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