James Harvey Leach

Submitted by Marian Sue Byrd

"Grandpa Leach {James Harvey Leach} was born in Louisiana I think.  Do not know what year.  He died in Erath County, Texas when mama {Ida Louise Leach McDermett} was a little girl.  He taught school there.  Made his own books and books for the pupils.  Wrote with a quill made ink of Polk berries and such things.  Sewed {them} by hand.  Mama went to school to him and he was the only teacher she ever had.  Was about 9 years old when he died.  {She was born 2/9/1855 and died 9/11/1916}.  Grandma Leach was
Augusta Penn........Mama was their first child and she was born in Illinois  .......They had three children Ida Louise, James H. and another boy {John Leach}.  He died while a young man.  Before mama was married, Grandma Leach died at our house at the Peak in about 1885 or 1886 was buried at Cottonwood.  When I (Dorothy McDermett) was a girl about 12 or 13 papa and I were in Erath Co and Uncle Alf Davis took us to grand pa's grave.  It was out in a pasture under a tree.  There were two graves there and one was
his.  No marker except a big rock at the head and foot of each grave.  Uncle Alf didn't know which one was Grandpa Leach's."

{Notes in brackets were added by Marian Sue Byrd}

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