William F. Stephen

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William Franklin Stephen was the brother of John F. Stephen.
1. JAMES HOWARD STEPHEN, b. 1853, McLennan Co., TX.
2. MADISON LEANDER STEPHEN, b. November 29, 1854, Waco, McLennon Co., Texas; d. April 17, 1899, Stephenville, Erath Co., Texas.
3. ANN E. STEPHEN, b. 1857, Erath Co., TX; d. TX in childhood.
4. TENNESSEE CAROLYN STEPHEN, b. December 10, 1859, Erath Co., TX; m. JAMES S. LINCOLN; b. Abt. 1855.
5. HARRIET F. STEPHEN, b. 1860, Erath Co., TX41.
6. WILLIAM STEPHEN, b. December 05, 1862, Erath Co., TX; d. October 24, 1887; m. FANNIE HAWKINS; b. Abt. 1865.
7. LAURA BELL STEPHEN, b. March 14, 1869, Erath Co., TX; d. March 31, 1906; m. JEFF J. CAPELL, October 12, 1890, Erath Co., TX; b. Abt. 1865.
8. ARIZONA STEPHEN, b. 1870, Erath Co., TX; m. WASH CUNNINGHAM; b. Abt.
9. THOMAS BROWN STEPHEN, b. March 03, 1872, Erath Co., TX; d. March 14, 1938, Prob. Erath Co., TX.
10. CHARLES EDMUND STEPHEN, b. 1875, Erath Co., TX44; d. October 29, 1964, Erath Co., TX45; m. BERTIE FLORENCE CAPELL, July 25, 1897, Erath Co., TX; b. Abt. 1878.
Burial: 1964, Barbee Cemetery, Erath Co., TX
11. ALEXANDER HAMILTON TOBE STEPHEN, b. March 17, 1881, Erath Co., TX; d. January 03, 1969, Dublin, Erath Co., TX.
William F. was born while his parents wagon train was enroute to Texas; wintered in southern AR. Appointed by Sam Houston as Captain of the Texas Rangers, receiveing his commission and his arms in person from the hands of General Houston. For many years her rendered valiant service in his capacity, before during and after the Civil War has passed and during the period of reconstruction he became known as Uncle "Bill" Stephen. He was extensively devoted to stock raising which he branded his horses Bar S. He also raised sheep. He was part Choctaw Indian. (per Na Homer Stephen, son of Madison Leander Stephen/Mattie Martha Case).
William F. Stephen moved up the Brazos to found a new county, Erath with his brother John M. Stephen. He became the guardian of Nancy E. and Leander G. Howard, sister and brother of William F.'s wife, Mary Carolyn.
In 1858, William F. moved six miles south of Dublin where he remained for the rest of his life.
My great grandparents were James Carroll Rogers/Nancy Elizabeth Howard.  They were the first couple to be married in the log cabin courthouse in Stephenville on 4 Aug 1857. My grandparents, Thomas Pitts Rogers and Florence Virginia Womack were also married in Stephenville, Erath Co., TX on 8 Jul 1888.
My Erath Co. ancestors were Samuel Everett Rogers > James Carroll Rogers/Nancy Elizabeth Howard (sister of Mary Carolyn Howard (+William Franklin Stephen); sister of Emily Ann Howard (+Rufus Bean White); sister of Leander Guy Howard (+Mary Unk; +Louisa Jane Sutton); sister of Harriet Matilda Howard (+William Henry Stracener)

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