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Ainsworth, Levin Autor Roberson, Julia Bell 1872-1960 File
Aishman, Thomas Jefferson Cargile, Mary Jane 1844-1912 File
Alverson, Henderson B. Thompson, Sarah Minerva 1816-1910 File
Anderson, Anders (Andrew) Morrow, Bettie B. 1861-1923 File
Anderson, Andrew Elliott O'Dell, Ida Petite 1886-1944 File
Atkins, James Daniel Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth 1860-1945 File
Barker, Allen Houston, Charlotte 1856-after 1880 File
Bateman, William Routon, Winerford 1825-1909 File
Beasley, Joseph Newton Dowdy, Rachel 1833-1916 File
Bennett, David Lee, Louisa 1798-Unknown File
Berry, Henry Stanford Pelt, Kitty Elizabeth 1856-1901 File
Biffle, Goldman Boyd, Elizabeth ca1796/1797-after 1860 File
Blacklock, Clark Wilson Edwards, Amanda Louvenia 1866-1920 File
Blacklock, Richard Tyrus Porter, Agnes Elizabeth 1816-1872 File
Boyles, William West, Elizabeth T. 1824-Unknown File
Bozeman, David Browning Pylant, Martha A. 1845-1924 File

Bridges, Nathaniel S.

Philips, Maggie L.



Carr, William E.

Baker, Mary Elizabeth



Carter, George Washington Askins, Martha Caroline 1851-1921 File
Chaney, Andrew L. Chaney, Harriett N. 1865-after 1920 File
Chaney, Andrew Jackson Partain, Malbra 1812-1886 File
Chaney, Henry W. Henry, Susan A. 1791-1859 File
Chaney, Hiram J. Miller, Lydia Elizabeth 1840-1909 File
Chaney, Jeremiah M. Land, Mary C./Thompson, Martha Jane 1868-1921 File
Chaney, John D. Chaney, Jasie L./Allred, Josephine 1873-1958 File
Chaney, McLars L. Chaney, Mannie 1879-1966 File
Chaney, William Bogart Allred, Alice 1861-1882 File
Couch, William M. Towles, Lizzie Lee 1858- btw 1897-1900 File
Cowden, Henry Williams, Clarissa Clementine 1858-1891 File
Cowden, James "Jaimie" Henry, Matilda Catherine 1840-Unknown File

Cowden, Linn C.

Biggs, Brunette



Crawford, James Pinkney Anderson, Malinda "Maggie" 1864-1940 File
Dickson, James A. Bryant, Sarah Aletha 1824-1897 File
Dillard, Albert W. Gary, Harriet M. ca1850-Unknown File
Duckett, William Pierce Dickson, Eliza Jane 1852-1935 File
Flowers, John Riley Cowden, Mary Ann 1863-1916 File
Ford, Pinkney Franklin Hamlin, Beaetta Laura ca1876-1905 File
Garner, Joseph A. Windsor, Mary Jane ca1835-1837 - 1911 File
Gilbert, John Wesley House, Elizabeth Virginia 1839-1888 File
Goodman, George Saunders Muse, Louisa Franklin 1845-1924 File
Graves, John R. Hamman, Martha Jane 1844-1909 File
Griffith, Isaac Elisha Hardin, Margaret Catherine 1815-1885 File
Hale, Robert L. Burns, Lillie M. ca1867-1869 - Unknown File
Hamlin, Harry Clinton Lankston, Cynthia Luvenia 1838-1908 File
Harrell, Joseph Edward, Sr. Jones, Grace Chandler 1887-1987 File
Henderson, Nathaniel Woodson Simpson, Francis "Kittie" 1829-1887 File
Holder, Elisha Green Wilson, Sarah Foster 1847-1927 File
Hoover, Allen Robert Thornton, Julia Elvira 1858-1942 File
Houston, Archie "Arch" Bronson, Margaret 1836-1905 File
Howard, John H. Burleson, Sara 1807-ca1841 File
Huffman, George Washington Malone, Missouri Ann 1833-1884 File
Jackson, John Winchester, Mary ca1809-1879 File
Jennings, George L. Griffis, Susan 1830-1911 File
Jones, Wiley Rish, Matilda Ann 1818-after 1854 File
Keilberg, Minter Alonzo Hunt, Lucy Caroline 1873-1957 File
LeMay, David Louis Thomas, Sallie Elizabeth 1858-Unknown File
Lowery, Morgan Henry Foster, Retancy 1818-1890 File
Lucas, Basil Eli Barber, Louisa Marion 1810-1884 File
Markham, James M. Unknown, Susan 1857-1931 File
Martin, Lewis Riser, Mary 1806-1866 File
Masters, Edward Lee Wright, Mary Lee 1887-1962 File
McCain, Abraham K. McClellan, Sarah M. Elizabeth 1826-1833 File
McCarty, James M. Fike, Nancy 1802-1869 File
McDonald, George Washington Burch, Carrie Alice 1875-1944 File
McElroy, Jasper S. Grayson, Martha Caroline 1857-1918 File
McElroy, Richard Daniel Wells, Ellen Kate 1886-1940 File
McLaughlin, Nathan Fugate, Esther 1830-1913 File
Ormsby, George Alexander Mason, L. M. 1864-1943 File
Osborn, James Franklin Beauchamp, Sarah 1863-1953 File
Parker, Columbus Campbell Wood, Ella 1861-1904 File
Pate, Peterson, Sr. Heath, Rebecca 1785-1848 File
Pevehouse, John Roberts, Martha ca1814-1860 File
Pollman, William August Stevens, Alice A. 1863-1964 File
Rabe, Robert William Stewart, Louisiana Caroline 1835-1885 File
Rattan, Clark C. Turner, Mary Ward 1842-1929 File
Roberson, Dave Hunter Russell, Minnie Lee 1877-1953 File
Roberts, Clint W. Hale, Margie Esta 1872-Unknown File
Roberts, John Kyle DuPuy, Julia Rebecca ca1844-1878 File
Roberts, Richard Lyle Unknown 1913-1982 File
Rollins, Harrison Johnson McGee, Mary Adora Frances 1843-1922 File
Rollins, Harrison Johnson Landrum, Helen 1843-1922 File
Salyer, Henderson F. Salyer, Jahaza 1848-1925 File
Salyer, John Wesley "Bud" Williams, Mary Vonnie 1872-1925 File
Seale, Charles Henry Willett, Elizabeth 1878-1956 File
Seale, Charles Henry Beard, Annie Lee 1878-1956 File
Shed, James Shed, Jane "Jennie" 1812-Unknown File
Shed, James Unknown, Jane "Jennie" 1812-Unknown File
Short, Marcus L. Windham, Mildred Ann ca1842-1876 File
Short, Melvin Lafayette Harrod, Eula Cressie 1873-1902 File
Smith, Jesse Nelms Brandon, Ruth Mae 1850-1933 File
Smith, Thomas Albert Roach, Hanie Louisa 1875-1960 File
Stephens, Jackson Van Buron Wilkins, Olive 1840-1916 File
Stephens, William Logan, Almeda Jane 1866-1919 File
Stevens, Thomas Martha 1837-ca1901 to 1910 File
Stewart, Daniel Coleman, Araminta D. 1810-1909 File
Stewart, John Wesley Roberson, Matilda Ollie 1862-1938 File
Stewart, Joseph Coleman Compton, Nancy Louise Elizabeth 1856-1936 File
Stewart, Lawrence Henry Russell, Iva Delia 1896-1960 File
Stone, Dudley L. Priscilla bef 1795-1866 File
Thetford, Columbus Lafayette Edwards, Camilla Hope 1866-1952 File
Thompson, Guy Smith Strangley, Ella 1869-Unknown File
Tisdale, Alfred Andrew Borum, Permelia Hillsman 1798-1860 File
Walls, Alfonso B. Smith, Mary Alice 1854-1919 File
Watts, William Henderson Dale, Rachel Annie 1873-1948 File
Wells, Thomas Jefferson Allison, Lucinda 1848-1895 File

Williams, Newton Commodore

Rabe, Doma Arie 1874-1912 File
Wood, John Kelly Sawyers, Ann Elizabeth 1818-1876 File








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